We work with local, regional, and national partners to bring dementia resources to families in Southwest Washington.

Common Questions

Do you do dementia screenings?+

Our staff cannot screen for or diagnose dementia. If you have concerns about your or your loved one's memory, it is best to make an appointment with a primary care provider. Share your concerns with the provider and ask if a cognitive evaluation can be done. 

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My loved one is or I am newly diagnosed with dementia, what should I do?+

Contact our Resource Center. We can help you learn more about different supports that are available in our area and give you tools to help plan for the road ahead.

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Where can I find help for someone with dementia?+

Whether you're looking for information on in-home care, respite care, or facility-based care, our Resource Center can help you understand the different options available. Please contact our Resource Center to speak to a resource specialist today.

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How can I learn more about the dementia disease process?+

A great place to start is the Dementia Roadmap. It is a fantastic guide that helps walk you through different stages of the disease.

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What specific programs are available for caregiver support?+

We have three programs for unpaid or informal caregivers: Family Caregiver Support Program, Tailored Support for Older Adults, and Medicaid Alternative Care. You do not need to know which program you want to apply for, and we will help you learn what would be the best program for you.

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Local Resources & Guides


Looking for specific programs or resources for people with dementia? Our Resource Center is the best place to start. Our Resource Specialists can help connect you to local dementia support groups, talk about in-home care or respite care options, and more. 

Help managing difficult behaviors

We can help families learn tools to help decrease difficult behaviors including resistance to care, wandering, and aggression. 

Support for Care Partners

AAADSW offers education and various types of support for people who care for someone with dementia. Please see our Caregiver Support page for more information on these programs.

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